Ram Sierra Adventure- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Spend the day in the Sierra Madre Mountains


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  Ram Sierra Adventure
  by Jeep Safari

Seeing the Backside of Vallarta

by Vallarta Online Staff
posted: 6/17/2003

It's easy to think of Puerto Vallarta as a tropical resort paradise, but it is also an incredibly diverse area with hidden nooks and crannies that yearn to be explored.

If you are bored with beaches and traditional beachside activities, if you want to explore and experience a bit of culture in a way that gives you comfort, knowledge and insights, the Ram Sierra Adventure is the ride of a lifetime.

The 2003 Ram Truck has been customized for optimized comfort and security. Three point safety harnesses keep even smaller bodies snug in their seats, yet comfortable. The seats are soft and cozy, and the truck sits up high giving you optimal views of the flora, fauna and wildlife you will see along the way. There is a canvas canopy top to keep you dry in case of rain.


From the moment you are picked-up, you are in good hands with the very entertaining and knowledgeable guides. At the first stop in Ixtapa, the guides offer water, soda or juice to start out your day as they describe the areas you will experience on the journey ahead. From point to point, you learn about nature, the communities, the traditions, and the local customs and folklore of the area. Every trip is a little different due to weather conditions, and what the animals, plants, and trees are doing at the moment. Some days there are flocks of birds and butterflies, other days you may see deer, turtles, and snakes. Along the way, it is guaranteed you will see how people live their lives at their homes, their farms, ranches and in the community.

You will make your way through small towns, to see what residential life is like away from the "big city". You pass out candy to children, wave to the neighbors and get a taste of small town life. From then on, you climb further up the mountain and see modern conveniences fall away. The air is clean and crisp, and life looks as it did decades ago.


Plenty of wildlife is along the way, as well as interesting plants and tropical species of birds, butterflies and reptiles. You never know what you may see, as nature is ever changing and completely unpredictable. The guides are excellent at spotting living creatures, or pointing out plants, fruits and other interesting sights.

From learning how to make homemade tortillas at a ranchito, then having a snack of homemade tortillas, guacamole and tropical juice with the family, to experiencing life on a working ranch 2000 feet above sea level in an area rarely seen by tourists. You experience everything first hand and you are welcomed into the traditional Mexican culture by the friendly and amiable people you meet.

Later in the day, lunch is served at a favorite local restaurant where you are served homemade tortillas, beans, rice and three types of wood grilled meat and cold drinks.

This trip is especially wonderful for people of all ages, including families, excellent for cruise passengers and people who cannot hike or stand for long distances. This tour was designed for people who are interested in seeing deeper into Mexico and learning about the beautiful areas hidden away and the wonderful people living there, you will definitely want to experience the Ram Sierra Adventure.