This is a fantastic tour to Magdalena Village. Along the way we will drive by jungle later by incredible view to pine forest and volcanoes. We will continue to Magdalena "The Land of Fire Opals"

An exciting tour to the mines where whatever you find will be yours, the flashy each gem has is unique in any specimen. Opals is October birth stone. Pre-historically, the Aztecs are said to have decorated their most prized artworks and figurines with inlaid fire opal. Opals are very appreciate as a gemstone and they usually are mounted in gold with excellent results.
The tour will include a visit to the hot springs of Ahuacatlan village and Tetitlan.

Frequency: Tuesdays & Fridays at 7:00 a.m.

To Book.
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Price: $ 100.00 US Dlls per person


Includes: Lunch in Magdalena, beer, soft drinks and bottled water on the bus


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