Where to Dine

An Endless Variety of Good Restaurants Around Town

Dining out is quite diffrent here than in most other resorts. At midday, visitors usually prefer to eat right on the beach. A local speciality is barbecued fish on a stick, sold by beach boys who pluck them fresh from the ocean and cook them on the spot. It's delicious, specially when accompanied by a cold soft drinkor Mexican beer.

All the hotels have pleasant restaurants, and sampling them is a good way to get to know some of the other beautiful hotels in town. There are also several fun spots to lunch by Rio Cuale.

When evening comes, after a day spent on the beach or in the water, it's customary to dress down and wander over to your favorite bar to watch the sunset. This almost always beautiful show is usually folloowed by lively mariachi music and singing. Soon the idea of a relaxed dinner sounds very appealing .

Despite the variety of nighttime activity that Puerto Vallarta offers, dinner alone can make for a memorable evening. It will as no surprise, of course, that delicious broiled lobster, oyster, shrimp and fish are big specialties here. You also have a wide choice of Mexican and international dishes.

In addition to good hotel dining, there are many restaurants around, many of them family operated. It's fun to explore the town and sample what's available. During peak tourist season, it's best to calla ahead for reservations.

Here is a list of some of the many restaurants that you can enjoy.

International Mexican Seafood American

• Bavaria Cafe
• Brasil
• Barcelona
• Bogart's
• Cafe Frankfurt
• Chez Elena
• Felipe's
• Karpathos
• La Bodeguita del Medio
• Le Gourmet
• Mark's Bar & Grill
• Outback
• Tango

• Andale
• El Set
• El Torito
• Kalhua
• La Fonda
• La Fuente Del Puente
• La Hacienda Original
• Las Cazuelas
• Las Palomas
• Los Arbolitos
• Los Milagros
• Los Sets de la Noche de la Iguana
• Los Xitomates
• Pipi´s
• Remembranzas
• Tequila´s
• Viejo Vallarta

• Garibaldi's
• Le Kliff
• Mariscos Tino´s
• Roberto's Puerto Nuevo
• The Blue Shrimp
• The Sand Bar
• The Shrimp Factory

• Baskin Robbins
• ¡Chiles!
• Domino´s Pizza
• Hard Rock Café
• Hooters
• McDonalds
• No Name Café
• Pizza Hut
• Planet Hollywood