San Bartolo Baja Mexico

San Bartolo, Baja

San Bartolo is a scenic tropical village, complete with thatched roof homes, 10 miles north of Los Barriles as you begin your climb into the hills.  This is a great place to stop and buy mangos, avocados, locally made candies and some of the most incredible of the local treats, fruit filled empanadas.  A large, spring fed, arroyo runs along the base of the valley, and provides this pleasant town with a bountiful supply of fresh water.

El Triunfo, Baja

A small mining town, El Triunfo is still home to some small scale miners who work the local mountains.  Gold and silver were first discovered here in 1862.  A hurricane in flooded all of the local mines and the area was soon after left almost deserted. There is talk of some larger mining operations returning to El Triunfo.  The local economy is now almost totally based around the basket weaving co-op which sells the local fare in a couple of small shops.  Take a look, if you can find them open, they have some very nice merchandise.  A few of the town's old buildings, have been, or are in the process of being, restored

El Triunfo Baja Mexico