Airport Transfers are provided in new, air conditioned, 7 or 10 passenger van or suburban with bilingual drivers. Shared service is by van and may include 1 or 2 stops. Private service is non-stop. Prompt departure from airport. Assistance in the case of lost or delayed luggage. Lost & Found department. Over 10 years of quality service. Transportation for groups and special events also available. Our staff at the airport will monitor your flight to ensure that your shuttle will be ready whenever you arrive. We are located at the "Private Transportation & Taxis area of SJD airport.

Los cabos is divided into 3 zones. Zone 1, San Jose. Zone 2, The Corridor. Zone 3, San Lucas. We offer shared service and private service for all hotels, villas or condos within these 3 Zones. For all other areas, (i.e. El Pedregal, Cabo Pulmo, East Cape, La Paz, etc.) we only offer private service. Price is the same for 1, 7, or 10 people to all these areas.

Shared service is quoted roundtrip per person, private service is quoted one-way. Private service is priced by van or suburban, it doesn't matter the number of people. Price is double if return is required. For one-way shared service, only pay roundtrip for every 2 people in your party (i.e. 3 people shared, you only pay for 2). If there is only 1 person, you must buy a roundtrip fare.

* Reservations for next day pickup, made after 6 pm, may not receive the e-voucher although service will be provided. An ID is required at the airport in lieu of the e-voucher.
*If you arrive to and depart from a different hotel within a different Zone, you must buy your roundtrip from the higher-priced zone. For private service you must purchase from each zone.
*If your party arrives/departs at different times/dates, a reservation form must be filled out for EACH PARTY arriving and/or departing together.
Example: Party of 6 people arrive together (1) but 3 are departing
together one a different day (2), 2 are departing at a different date (3),
and the last one departing on another day (4). The 4 forms would be
filled-out as follows:
(1) Arrival information, private van of 6
(2) Departure information, 3 one-way shared service.
(3) Departure information, 2 one-way shared service.
(4) Departure information, 1 one-way shared service.

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