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Getting To Los Cabos


By Air

You can fly direct to Los Cabos from many places on the United States. Flying is the most popular way to get to Los Cabos. Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), is located 13 km (8 miles) north of San Jose; 48 km (29 miles) northeast of Cabo San Lucas.

More than 150 flights land at San José del Cabo International Airport every week. Airlines with regular scheduled service are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines, America West, Mexicana, Aero Mexico and Aero California.

You must present at the airline check-in a valid passport, or your original birth certificate (US and Canada) and a photo ID. Once on the plane you will be given two forms to fill out - one for immigration (Tourist Visa) and another for customs. There are some restrictions to what you bring to Mexico some of them are limits for "duty free" like cigars and cigarrettes and liquor or wine, and some are absolute, such as fire arms without a Mexican permit (not to mention drugs).

Once the airplane has landed the Immigration counter will be your first stop. Here you will have to present your passport or birth certificate along with the Tourist Visa you filled out on the plane. Your tourist visa and passport will be stamped to make your arrival official. Next you'll proceed to the baggage claim area for your luggage.

After that you will need to have your Customs Declaration Form and this will be the last step. Mexico has a "Red Light - Green Light" system for customs and is completely randomly. If you have put "Nothing to declare" on this form, you will be asked to push a button....... If the light is green you can exit without inspection; if the light is red you will be subject to inspection. Consequently you need to be honest on your Customs Declaration and declare anything over and above what is allowed, paying all applicable duties. If you do not, and are caught by a red light, the fines may be very steep.


By Bus

Los Cabos can be reached by public bus. Buses are available from Tijuana to La Paz (25 hours) , then La Paz to Cabo San Lucas (2 hours). First class (recommended) and second class buses leave and arrive in Old Town. Buses are one of Mexico's inexpensive ways to see the country.

By Car

Los Cabos can be reached by driving the Transpeninsular Highway (Hwy. 1) from Tijuana, where you will see an incredible natural beauty, you will never regret these two day investment, avoid driving at night just for two reasons, one, you may miss the best part of the trip and two you may watch for livestock, there's lots of them crossing the highway. Once you arrive in La Paz (a two to three day drive), Cabo San Lucas is another 60 miles south. If you do drive your vehicle to Los Cabos, you must have Mexican auto insurance, it's the law.

By Sea

If you plan to sail to Los Cabos, you will need to follow all Mexican regulations for entering their territorial waters. Also, upon arriving at the marina or your anchorage, you'll need to submit your papers to the Captain of the Port for legal entry. Please contact the Mexican consulate nearest you.