Groups, Conventions and Special Events?

Whether you are coming to Mazatlan with a group of friends, a convention or any kind of special event we can ensure that your stay will not only be fun, but easier and pleasent as well. We can make travel arrangements, inlcuding tours, to suit your needs inside or outside Mazatlán. Also we are able to make reservations for inner, parties, catering services and convention room rentals.Please let us know what your needs are and we will be more than delighted to make appropriate arrangements in advance for you !

Event planning and management, in Mazatlan, Mexico. Specalists in domestic l protocol, meetings, conferences, official visits, executive programs, exhibitions, and special events.

Our program planning, implementation and coordination services include advice on and arrangements for venues, facilities and set-ups; accommodation and hospitality; protocol, transportation, media relations, publication production, ancillary activities and more.

* Weddings
* Aniversarys
* Business conventions
* Tour guides
* Mass Events
* Any occasion parties

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